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Zulu-Zulu Peri Peri Chicken on the braai (grill)

Zulu-Zulu Peri Peri Chicken on the braai (grill)

Our own recipe Zulu-Zulu has been a huge success in the USA. With 5 different varieties, Lemon herb, Garlic, mild, hot and extra hot, you are sure to find a favorite that would take you back to your days in South Africa.

This recipe was a short and easy one, and is oh SOOO good! What makes a good Peri Peri is not only the flavors of the delicious sauce your marinade it in, but it comes down to getting the meat cooked right and then finishing it off over a very good cooking wood. As a South African, we have had the luxury of using the best cooking hardwoods in the world and being in the USA it has been hard to find a good charcoal or cooking wood. So recently, we found an importer of our beloved African hardwoods for cooking, which changed the game of how I prepare my fires entirely. Granted, it took some learning as the South African hardwood does not set alite easy and needs a hot flame underneath it to get it going, so keep that in mind when you do order you a bag of Kameeldoring Cooking firewood.

It is quite simple, for this recipe, as mentioned. It only takes a bottle of your favorite Peri Peri Zulu -Zulu, salt and your favorite chicken thighs. Honestly, the salt can even be removed from the recipe and the flavor of the marinade entirely brings you the flavors needed from the chicken. I mixed two of the sauces, the Lemon Herb and the Mild (medium). It was a 50/50 blend and it was marvelous. 

Simply place the chicken in a oven safe casserole or lasagna pan, pour the marinade over the chicken, cover with some foil or if you have a tight fitting lid even better. Let sit for at least 12 hours, the longer the better. 

Pre-heat your oven to 375F and since the Kameeldoring takes a good time to get going, while the oven is pre-heating prepare your Kameeldoring wood or Kameeldoring charcoal braai (grill). You can use a gas grill if that is all you have, but to get the true Peri Peri aromas we love a wood or charcoal fire works best, but we won't hold that against you. Put the chicken in the oven WITH the marinade, it is important not to drain it as you want the chicken to cook in the sauce and also we are going to reuse the marinade while braaing (grilling) to baste. Cook the chicken in the oven for 45-50 minutes, you want it just cooked all the way through, as the grill is just there to finish it off. Leaving your chicken juicy and tender. Finish off the chicken over the braai (grill) turning your chicken every couple minutes and basting with the left over marinade. Cook until desired texture of the skin and chicken has been reached. 

Serve with your favorite sides. Come back next week for my Curry Pasta Salad that would pair well with the Peri Peri Chicken.

This is Lizel's Recipes with Zulu-Zulu Peri Peri Chicken! Enjoy!!

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