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Russian Sausage at the South African Emporium

Russian Sausage at the South African Emporium

If there is something all South Africans abroad remember, it is the Russians and floppy slap chips from the cafes on the corner. As a child raised in South Africa, I will never forget our Friday night treat of "Slap tjips and Russians". We always bought a white bread with it, buttered it up and filled the bread with some vinegar and salt drenched tjips. Oh those were the days.

The Russian sausage was and still is a staple for most South Africans and is part of our culture. A culture that runs deep in our veins as immigrants abroad. Now you can bring that culture to your home, with delicious Russians that will take your mind drifting back home. 

You can prepare the Russian two ways, deep fry it or on the braai (grill), it depends on what flavor you prefer. Serve it with your favorite potato fries or slap chips back home.


Cut your Russian at a 45 degree angle to give it room to "burst" as you fry it. Fry with medium hot oil or it will get too brown too fast. You can bump up the heat once the inside is cooked. 


A slap chip is just a floppy variant of a french fry. This is reached by double frying or double cooking the fries. I found you can pre cook them either in the microwave, air fryer or even in the oil. 

Microwave - fry method:

Place your desired cut of fries in a microwave safe bowl and cook till tender and just cooked. Remove from the bowl and then deep fry till golden brown, but not crispy. This shouldn't take too long as your fries or slap chips are already cooked. Once fried, drain excess oil on a paper towel, drizzle with your favorite vinegar and salt and ENJOY!

Air fryer method:

Toss the potatoes in some olive oil, not too much only to coat them nicely. Place the desired cut of fries in your air fryer, fry on 360F for 15 minutes, tossing them every now and then. Check your fries to make sure they are nice and tender. Fry them again on 375F for 13 -15 mins till golden brown but not crispy. Serve drizzled in your favorite vinegar and salt.

Frying method:

Be sure to pat the fries dry before adding to your hot oil. You do not want the oil too hot as you want the fries to cook tender and not get crispy. A good setting on your range is between hot and medium. Once your fries are tender, remove them from your oil, bump up the temp a bit and add to the oil again. Remove when golden brown but not crispy. Drizzle with your favorite vinegar and salt.

Lekker eet!

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