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Easy "Cheat" Vetkoek and Curry Mince AKA Fat Cakes and Curried Beef


A problem we have in the USA is cooking with American ingredients. Through the years we have learned to adapt our recipes to work with our new country's, entirely different, ingredients. As an avid baker and chef, I have decided to share my recipes with the SAFFA world out there, and even teach our American friends how to make and enjoy the cuisine we love.

I thought to share with you an all time favorite to my family....Vetkoek and Curry Mince or as my American family calls it...Fat Cakes and curried beef.

Why waste your time trying to make a dough, which takes time to not only mix it perfectly, but also to have it sit and be ready for frying? Well the answer to that question my friends, don't have to! I found that the best vetkoek can be made by simply buying pre-prepared pizza dough from a pizza joint or your local grocers bakery. "Well Lizel my grocer and pizza joint doesn't sell dough, now what?"...frozen bread dough in every freezer section of your local grocers work just as great, just let it thaw and work the magic!

Click on the ingredients card below to view an in depth tutorial of how to make the Easy "Cheat" Vetkoek en curry mince!



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