Ouma Rusks (450g box / 500g box)


Ouma Rusks - Buttermilk Sliced 450gOuma Rusks - Buttermilk Sliced 450g
Ouma Rusks - Buttermilk 500g BunsOuma Rusks - Buttermilk 500g Buns
Ouma Rusks - Muesli (Sliced) 450gOuma Rusks - Muesli (Sliced) 450g
Ouma Rusks - Condensed Milk 500g BunsOuma Rusks - Condensed Milk 500g Buns

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A true South African legend. Ouma Rusks are baked using the trusted family recipes of  Ouma ("Granny") Greyvensteyn, who baked her first batch on her farm in the small town of Molteno in the North-Eastern Cape in 1939.

There is only one way to truly enjoy this treat and that is to dunk it in a hot cup of tea or coffee as the well-known slogan says: "dip an Ouma!"