Knorr Cook-in-Sauce (48g sachets)

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Knorr Cook-in-Sauces - Chicken A La King 48gKnorr Cook-in-Sauces - Chicken A La King 48g
Knorr Cook-in-Sauces - Beef Stroganoff 48gKnorr Cook-in-Sauces - Beef Stroganoff 48g
Knorr Cook-in-Sauces - Savoury Mince 48gKnorr Cook-in-Sauces - Savoury Mince 48g
Knorr Cook-in-Sauces - Spaghetti Bolognaise 48gKnorr Cook-in-Sauces - Spaghetti Bolognaise 48g

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Use it to add richness to casseroles, hotpots and bakes, or to thicken and flavor pie fillings.